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Seas Entertainment Group
Founded in 1994 by İsmet Özbakır, a sport enthusiast and a visionary, SEAS’s mission was to able ski fans to rent affordable gear in order to expand this sport in Turkey. After seeing the potential behind his vision, Özbakır expanded his business to Sailing rental and successfully implemented the same strategy and welcomed even more success.

After achieving its goal, SEAS became the standard bearer in sports business and became a renowned brand across Turkey. In 2001, the successful business model was implemented on sailing training. Istanbul Sailing Academy became the first and foremost choice of people who wanted to learn sailing fast and at affordable prices.

SEAS Group reached over a 100.000 strong customer database after these successful operations. SEAS became one of the largest sports company with a team consisting 150 employees.

It became a passion for SEAS to expand in different and adjunct areas. In 2008, SEAS started to import one of the most acclaimed brands in sailing, SLAM. Today, SLAM is distributed and sold in 3 cities with 3 stores in Turkey.

SEAS became TUI Marine’s (Sunsail, Moorings and Le Boat) exclusive distributor in Turkey. After a year, SEAS became the groups’ Poland exclusive distributor too.

SEAS is also the main sponsor of TEAM ZALL which, its mission is to compete in international racing area and to become the first Turkish team to participate in America’s Cup.
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